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Greetings from the National Director

posted @ 6/27/2005 06:34:00 PM - 0 comments - share your thoughts

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Lingkod QC,

I'd like to congratulate all of you for your faithfulness to our life in Lingkod and esp. to our Lord Jesus.

One of the most challenging things in our service is not to start something but to sustain something. Thank you for being selfless, hospitable and radical so we could sustain the mission the Lord has given us.

As I serve as your new National Director, I would like to draw my strength from Jesus and from you, my brothers and sisters.

To Christ, all our lives for the rest of our lives.

Mon Samson
National Director

The C word on C night

posted @ 6/24/2005 08:19:00 AM - 0 comments - share your thoughts

Tonight, Lingkod QC winds up a month of recalling, remaining and rejoicing with COMMITMENT NIGHT.

Once again, we recall why we are Lingkod and what we are about as Lingkod in the words we prayed once in our lives as Christians (and which our new brothers and sisters will pray tonight):

"In grateful response to the exceeding goodness of God and to the call He has given me in the Lord Jesus Christ, I will live as an active member of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, committing myself to:

1. Live fully for Jesus Christ as His disciple.
2. Live in committed relationships with others.
3. Live a life of dedicated Christian service.
4. Work towards the transformation of my work place and of society.

May our Lord give me the grace to be faithful in living out this commitment everyday for the good of my brothers and sisters in Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon and for God's greater glory and honor. Amen."

Discipleship. Community. Service. Evangelization. All for God's greater glory.

University Hotel, Room 105-106; 7 pm. Dress on the better side. Worship starts at 730; fellowship follows after the Commitment Night at Tequila Joe's Morato.

Great Night!

posted @ 6/20/2005 10:29:00 AM - 0 comments - share your thoughts

Taken from Ella's blog entry of June 18, 2005 (some parentheticals added)

I'm supposed to drive to Tagaytay in four hours' time. Between now and later I should pack and get some sleep. But how could one sleep after such a great night? Ted and Gay's installation was beautiful, inspiring and touching. They are both well-loved, -respected and -admired in community so it is no surprise that almost all of the Servants of the Word, Jerusalem House sisters, Lingkod Office staff, were there, aside from brothers and sisters from different branches. QT's also had so much to honor them both with, through videos, photos, songs, and words. Gay's flowers and scrapbook was matched by Ted's teddy bear and portrait as "king arthur". I thought I would cry when Rommel sang The Warrior is a Child, unfortunately, I was in front and forced to sing in part! I am restraining myself from being a perfectionist about how the song went again. So what if we did not practice and the key was too low for a sister? We sang for Ted.

God answered Ted's request for a surprise. He answered my need for an embrace from Him. I received His embrace from so many brothers and sisters who are Jesus to me. In particular, John Keating, the Presiding Elder of the Servants, reminds us of Jesus and I was so blessed to have been sitting beside him during the program. Mylene Romero's tight hug and affirmation also filled my heart to overflowing. The faces of the QT's as they said their thank you's and goodbye's will forever be etched in my memory. As a bonus, i was able to sit beside National Director Mon (Samson) and Dr. Jake Yap (also from the Servants of the Word) during fellowship at Don Hen. I polished my job application speech for Mon, who was so gracious although he was sleepy. Jake offered his wisdom in my discernment (which does not seem to end) and agreed to meet with me for consultation later on. What a night! The BWMs, regional leaders, national leaders of Lingkod, and even CYA and Ligaya were there.

How does one sleep after such a night as this? I know that Gay and Ted's term would be blessed for it started with this abundant, lavish, spectacular, phenomenal night. There were no long talks given. It was just the presence of all those special people that made the night unforgettable for all of us at Lingkod QC.


posted @ 6/17/2005 05:01:00 PM - 3 comments - share your thoughts

17 June 2005

Dear Rommel, Ella, Ted and Gay,

Tonight, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Quezon City will be turned over to new management. And true enough, “management” is the proper term to use. For while the reins of leadership are transferred from Rommel and Ella to Ted and Gay, God remains to be the owner of Lingkod-QC. Our confidence, therefore, should be anchored on this truth.

My wife and I would have loved to be there tonight. Unfortunately, we are also hooked up with another service in Ligaya ng Panginoon. That is why I chose to write. I want to ask Ted to post this to the ALNP-QC e-group or read it tonight at the prayer meeting, whatever would be best. I just want the rest of the community to know how grateful I am to God for his faithfulness to you, and through you, in the context of Lingkod-QC.

To Rommel: Bro, I thank you for embracing your anointing as the second BL (or SGBL) of Lingkod-QC. While it was a slow and hesitant embrace at first, it was still a sacrificial embrace nonetheless. Thank you for loving our brothers and sisters and for really using all your gifts to bring Lingkod-QC to where it is now. You are a gifted man. But your character shines brighter than your gifts. And the kind of respect, endearment and love that you receive today from brothers and sisters in Lingkod-QC is a testament of the kind of servant that you were over the last three and a half years. To my friend and brother, I honor you and I want to pray for God to bless you as you move on (or forward) in your Christian life.

To Ella: Sis, there could not have been a more perfect BWM for that chapter in Lingkod-QC’s history. Your passion and zeal cascaded to the whole branch. Your love for God was infectious and your love for brothers and sisters was comforting. I know you struggled a lot. But you kept on. And that made all the difference. I believe that Lingkod-QC was just a training ground for you as God prepared you for greater things ahead. Thank you for continuing to be radical for God. We have a shortage of that these days in the church. Spread your wings, Sis. God has prepared you to soar to greater heights in your relationship with Him in the coming years!

To Gay: When God closes a door, God opens many windows. And what a beautiful window God has opened in the person of Gay. Sis, thank you for rising to the occasion. I know that you would have been contented not being in the limelight, to just be a follower, and to simply be a sturdy support for a leader. But God has other plans. And your love for Him far outweighed your preferences. Gay, your greatest weapon is your simplicity and deep prayer life. Hold on to these. It will carry you through many storms and it will make your light shine even more when the storms subside. God bless you, Sis!

Finally, to Ted: Bro, many say that your greatest trait is your humility. I beg to disagree. I believe that you are capable of humbling yourself often because of your overflowing confidence in the kind of God that you serve. Your image of your God will carry you in this service that he has called you to. Remember. Remain. Rejoice. Remember the kind of God that you serve. Steadfast. Faithful. Merciful. Remain always in his overwhelming love. When your preachings aren’t heeded, and when your prayers aren’t heard, choose to remain in His love. Never abandon. Stay. Lastly, rejoice always. For God loves a cheerful giver. Nothing should rob you of your joy as a son of God. For even if your being a BL will sometimes be diminished by your many human weaknesses, your being God’s son remains untarnished. BL second, God’s son first.

As I end this letter, I want to share with you a word I received from the Lord during my prayer time today. God said to me, “You bring me great joy, not so much for what you do, but for simply who you are. But you can also bring me much sorrow, but only for what you do, and never for who are”.

My dear brothers and sisters, serve God with all your heart. But always remember that who you are in God’s eyes is never defined by what you do for Him, but only by how much He loves you. And He loves you greatly, far greater than you can ever imagine.

My wife and daughter extend their love to all of you. Happy, happy 5th year anniversary, brothers and sisters! Cheers to many more years of looking back at God’s faithfulness!

Your servant and brother,

Bobby Quitain