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by Mirac

I was sleeping soundly one evening when I felt a strong gust of wind from the window. Lo and behold! There was a visitor who introduced himself quickly. “Be not afraid!”, he says, “I am the ghost of the Lingkod QC past. I have a mission to do. Come and I’ll show you something.”

I hesitated but at the same time I was excited at the opportunity. And so I followed him.

Si SG, masaya, nakangiti,
walang kamaly-malay na sa
hinaharap ay... (see next picture)
Next thing I knew I was transported to January 2002 to PCED hotel. There was Bobby explaining the new theme for the year. I can still distinctly remember...Boldly We Conquer As God’s Anointed. I told my guide that I it was a year of conquering. We conquered hearts at the church beside Claret . . .

I found myself now at that church. There I was seeing the CLP participants…Nenen, Chie, Francia, Leah, Marci, Joseph, Cherry, Daisy, James, Luis, Bambi and many other more. It was a year of great harvest. I wanted to greet them but my guide urged me that we have to go. “There’s much more to see.”

Then I heard a familiar song. “Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes…” I know that song! Seasons of Love! Sterten Rooftop was transformed into a very romantic place. There I saw the couples being announced, Cindy and Mike, Hanzel and Marla. I wanted to re-live their weddings and my guide obliged to my request. Onward to Paco Park, Cindy and Mike looked like every inch a happy couple. I wanted to linger more but I still had to go to another wedding to the far north. Hanzel was singing to Marla while she marched along the aisle. What a beautiful bride she is! The QTs conquered Vigan by doing an MTV.

sya pala ang hihiranging 2nd BL of QC
I was still relishing the beautiful sunset of Ilocos when I found myself again in PCED hotel. Why is Francis there? The theme was Boldly We Conquer as God’s Anointed. And God had anointed a new BL in the person of Rommel Escoto! I heard Rommel utter his classic line…Resistance is futile!

The next thing we conquered was the Occupational Safety and Health Auditorium. MQT 24/7! I saw again Sunday’s glorious backdrop. I’m excited to see all the numbers again, the brothers’ number “Iba’t Ibang Pagdarasal”, the hand interpretation of We remember, We Celebrate, We believe, the song wherein Manny cried (“The warrior is a child”), the Divas (Mercy, Steph and me) number, and of course the grand finale, Handel’s Messiah! Karreen’s career as QC’s Maribeth Bichara este Achara was launched.

Mga brothers, bigay na bigay sa performance
It was the first of many conquerings of our beloved Maribeth Achara. My guide brought me from NLTC Cebu where the QTs were doing their moves to the tune of “Revolution”-- with Rommel wearing his famous muscle shirt! (I was so proud of the QTs then)—to . . . Hey! I’m applauding now at Araneta! I can’t believe that the QTs are dancing in Araneta! How did that happen? “Ang awit ng kabataan!” before a crowd of 20,000 at the Big Dome!

My guide brought me again to Sterten rooftop. It was the QT’s Christmas party. Bobby and Jeng were cute in their kids’ costume. My guide said we have to leave now but we have one more place to visit. He brought me to Fernwood Garden. What a lovely way to end the year. A wedding celebration for Chris and Melody.

I closed my eyes and I found myself back in my bed. Did I just have a dream? Or was it real? I just shrugged it off but then I found in my bed Chris and Miel’s misalette!