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Stepping 4-ward

posted @ 6/04/2004 07:56:00 AM - 0 comments - share your thoughts

By: Rommel Escoto
(This was Rommel's exhortation on the occasion of Lingkod QC's Fourth Year Anniversary, June 4, 2004; the theme for that year was "In God's Kingdom WE Share, In His Spirit We Dwell", the anniversary theme was "Stepping 4-Ward.")

The Call to Mission: Biblical basis/key verse - Deuteronomy 1:21

I. Introduction: What is mission?

According to Henry and Richard Blackaby: Mission is God finding those whose hearts are right with Him and placing them where they can make a difference for His

II. Verse Analysis

A. “See, the Lord your God has given you the land.” (NIV, v21)

1. It is God who gives us the mission. The mission originates from the
Commander in Chief, and not from us.
2. We follow his instructions.
3. We wait for his timing.
4. A sense of mission apart from the one who gives it is meaningless.

Thus, all missions should start and ultimately end in Him, the pioneer and the perfector of our faith.

B. “Look, God, your God, has placed this land as a gift before you.”
(The Message, MSG, v21)

1. A gift, not just an assignment, nor a duty.
2. God thinks about you – He wants to accomplish something in your life
for your own good.
3. Cast all your cares before Him for He cares about you. (1 Peter 5:7)
Your concerns will be taken care of by God, as you take care of the Father’s
4. God is looking for people who can go beyond themselves and their
ambitions, and dream God’s dreams.

C. “Look! He has placed it in front of you. Go and occupy it . . .”
(New Living Translation, NLT, v21)

1. The Lord always goes before you. He will meet you there.
2. The Lord prepares His way for His workers.
3. One way to see if it is the right mission for us is if the doors of
opportunities open before us.
4. Sometimes, we have to keep on knocking on these doors before they
5. Many times, we have to fight our way in, and beat the giants and
fortified cities.

D. “See, the Lord your God has set the land in front of you. Go and take
it for your own . . .” (New Life Version, NLV)

1. It is YOUR mission. Own it. God has chosen YOU to do it and no one
2. Sometimes, He clears the way to prove a point.
3. Use your gifts and skills to glorify Him
4. Do not forget that He has taken your weaknesses into account when He
chose you. Remember: He knows you inside out.
5. But God’s grace is bigger than your weaknesses and failures.

E. “And I told you, “We have reached the hill country. It belongs to the Amorites now, but the Lord our God is giving it to us. He is the same God our ancestors worshipped, and He has told us to go in and take this land, so don’t hesitate and be afraid.” (Contemporary English Version, v21)

1. Obey immediately when you are certain of what God is asking you to do.
2. Hesitation is sometimes a sign of doubt and unwillingness to obey.
3. God’s timing: NOW! Just do it.
4. Another version: “The Lord your God has given you the land. Go up and take it. Do what the Lord says. He’s the God of your people. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose hope.” (New International Reader’s Version, NIRV, v21)
5. Remember who is asking you. You must obey all at once (obeying in reverence and in awe).

III. Obstacles

1. Unwillingness to obey, rebellion v26
2. Grumbling v27
3. Discouragement, losing heart v28
4. Doubt, not trusting v28
5. Fear – Anakites (tall enemies), high walls, insurmountable odds
6. Amorites

IV. Closing

“It is a good land that the Lord is giving us.” (v25). The Lord will be with us as He sends us to mission. There might be difficult times ahead, but we will be joyful because God is our victory. The land is good precisely because God is there.

In God’s kingdom we share, in His Spirit we dwell. We will do mission because we want to share with others what God has shared with us. As we dwell in His Spirit, God will enable us and form us so that we can respond to His call of mission in a way that is pleasing to Him.