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Faithful@5: The Making

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Paul Soriño
By: Paul Soriño
Co-Head Servant, Faithful@5

· … What follows is an account of the events that transpired prior to the start of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon-Quezon City ‘s month-long celebration of its 5th year anniversary. Parental Guidance is not recommended.

Branch Council Meeting and Selection of Servants

It was the eve of the first ever ALNP-QC-only Lenten retreat when the Governance Team (now known as the Branch Council) met to plan and ask the Lord’s guidance for the activities that the community will have for the second quarter of the year. It was at this meeting when the anniversary plan was started; when the different activities for each anniversary week and the purpose of which were determined.

As with the other activities of the branch, the initial task was to determine the servants who will be responsible in implanting the plan for the anniversary as laid-out during the branch council meeting. The job went to Paul and Tina. (It was later discovered that they make a complementary team. Paul was the unorganized brother while Tina was the organized sister. Di ba complementary?)

When the head servants met

It was on one Monday of the Way of Life Series that Paul and Tina (informally) met to discuss the anniversary month. It was then that they decided that they will call themselves head servants for the anniversary month. It was of course implied that they will not be the only ones responsible for implementing the events. True to Lingkod-QC fashion and tradition, they decided to assign teams for each event of the anniversary month. As there are four events, there were initially four teams. (Further on, the reason for the use of the word “initially” will be revealed.). The events and the team for each were:

  • Anniversary Mass – Worship Pillar
  • Lord’s Day/E-night – Ria’s AG, James’s/Marlon’s AG, Jhing’s AG, and Ted’s AG ( At this time may kasama pang Lord’s Day celebration sa plano, but we are getting ahead of the story.)
  • BL and BWM installation – Tina’s AG, Chris’s AG, Arlene’s AG
  • Commitment/Re-Commitment Night – Karreen’s AG, Sheila’s AG and Ryan’s AG

The attentive reader would readily see that aside from the Anniversary Mass the teams are just Action Groups joined together. The careful reader, or at least those who are familiar with the AG groupings, would notice something quite peculiar… Sirit? Cherry’s AG was not included in the groupings. Buti na lang sport si Cherry. She sent a text message to Tina asking her what team her AG is assigned to. It was only then that the unfortunate oversight was rectified. In an interview with Tina she said, ”Sa meeting, nakalimutan namin isama ang AG ni AG ko pa naman yun..kung hindi pa ako tinext ni Cherry para tanungin kung anong team ang AG niya, di pa namin mari-realize ang oversight na to.”

Team Meetings

It was on April 28, 2005 when the first official meeting of the anniversary team was held. The venue: IHMP parking lot.

Actually, the venue was supposed to be Jordan Hall but there was a parish based organization meeting inside the hall. Siyempre nakakahiya naman na sabihin na may reservation ang Lingkod at kailangan na nilang umalis doon, ang taray naman masyado non. Paul decided to hold the meeting at a lighted spot just outside the Parish office. It was there where Tina, Paul, Cherry, Ria, Reah, Janice, Shiela, and Ryan prayed and started the meeting. Buti na lang ulit sport ang mga brothers and sisters na to. It was some minutes after the opening prayer when Rommel arrived and asked us why we were not using Jordan Hall for the meeting. It was then the team found out that Jordan Hall was already vacant. Thanks to Rommel, the team was able to discuss comfortably inside the room with considerably less mosquitoes to deal with.

What transpired was general throwing of ideas for each anniversary event. Shiela suggested to the e-night team an idea which was then being circulated to the QTs, that is to have a mini-concert starring no less than our branch leader SG. There was even a title for the event which is “Rommel Sings Basil”. SG was okay with the idea. Abangan na lang natin sa e-night kung matutuloy nga.

It was also during this meeting when SG broached the idea of having a commemorative CD or a scrapbook in lieu of an anniversary newsletter that is traditionally issued. The idea was well accepted and because of it the Promotions Team headed by Ted and Shiela was formed. This elegantly designed blogspot is a direct result of the initiatives and efforts of this team.

--- More to come --- =)

Greetings and Goodbye

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Ella Del Rosario
(mukhang paalis na talaga,
may bag nang dala eh)
By: Ella Del Rosario,
Lingkod QC BWM

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Lingkod QC,

It is with much joy and gratitude that I greet you all a very Happy Fifth Anniversary! Indeed, God has been immensely faithful to us for we are still together after all those challenging months, ready and eager to live out more beautiful years as a branch of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude to the Lord for planting me in this branch. You see, as I already shared some anniversaries ago, I prayed for a Lingkod QC since I live and work in this city. When the prayer group formerly known as FLIP/FLOP was formed, I could not but claim that it was an answered prayer.

I did start as a clueless member who only came every Friday to worship and have a foretaste of heaven with my friends from UP CYA and CYA-Law. I had no idea then that I would fall in love so deeply with this community and that I would end up serving twenty-five hours a day, eight days a week, with only love as my gasoline.

Every year with the QT's has been beautiful. From my first NLTC in Antipolo 2000, to our first E-Night in 2001, to the best birthday surprise party I've ever had, to the Seasons of Love mini-concerts we staged, to the MQT 24/7 program of 2002, I found myself indulging in passions I thought I could no longer express since I became a lawyer. Yet in this atmosphere of love and encouragement, I grew more confident in singing, writing, speaking, dancing, and even driving. More importantly, you were all instrumental in God's pruning and healing program for me, by your commitment as my brothers and sisters.

I have been likewise blessed to have witnessed His plans unfolding for each and every one of you. In all the action groups I have joined and service ministries I have visited, I received so much more than I gave. The Holy Spirit is so present in this place and I have seen you share His gifts generously, so much so that I have grown more deeply in love with the Lord by the manifestation of His excellence through
you. Saying yes to serve as BWM was not too hard after having received all that love. It was the least I could do as grateful response to the exceeding goodness of the Lord. I knew I was going to serve a people that God was so proud of. True enough, you gave me countless reasons to beam and be proud, especially when you showed growth in prayer life, as this clearly affected your respective careers, relationships, goals, and dreams.

There were also moments when extra grace was required in order to live here, and each time, the Lord did not disappoint. People have come and gone from Lingkod QC and I have learned to enlarge my territory because of that. Our God, to whom all these belong, has been the only Constant who continues to bind us all in love and to lead us to His glory. Some of my peers and leaders have moved on from QC but God sent new brothers and sisters to get to know and walk this road with.

As most of you know, I shall be turning over to Gay my service by the middle of this month. God personally chose and empowered Gay to be the next BWM and as I write this, I am in awe of how mysteriously and perfectly He works. I know that He shall give to Gay a double portion of the spirit that I was able to serve with, not that she needs it more (you won't give her reason to, right?) but simply because that's how generous our God is. I know Rommel is at peace to leave the branch in Ted's hands as incoming BL, and I am also. Ted will love, serve, and give with all his heart, of that I am sure. QC is so blessed because God raises up leaders equipped and at the same time willing to learn as they go along. I claim that this branch would grow even more under Ted's and Gay's leadership. He has plans far
greater than we could imagine for ourselves.

As we have been given much, let us continue to give our all for the Lord in everything that we do; whether seen or unseen, significant or insignificant. It has been repeatedly said that QT's have a tradition of excellence as shown by the Unity Games and the Easter Celebration, among others. Those were events that were successful by God's grace alone. My prayer for you is that in the everyday part of your journey towards heaven, you would continue to be salt and light to the world around you. Big events come few and far between, but the Lord's call for us is to consistently live out a life of prayer, no matter what circumstances surround us.

In the months ahead I shall slowly continue my journey towards bearing fruit for His kingdom and fulfilling His purpose for me. It shall lead me to other destinations besides QC, that is for sure, but I know He would bless me with some opportunities to come home to rest and be among friends. I hope to see the same happy faces, eager hearts, and generous hands whenever I come back to UP, Claret, or some other venue
that God may give you in the future.

If this sounds a lot like Paul's parting words in Philippians 1,that is simply because I was inspired it. My love and prayers will always be with you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Continue to be faithful for He who promised IS faithful. Continue to rejoice and be glad, and together let us joyfully proclaim God's glory!

Your sister in Christ,

a.k.a. (also known as) Galadri-Ella
s.a.k.a. (sometimes a.k.a.)The Patron Saint of Hopeful Love
o.a.k.a.a. (occasionally a.k.a.) Acap-Ella
n.k.a. (now a.k.a.) President of the Gay Ordenes Fans Club : )

Gaining much more than one gives

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Tina Enriquez
By: Tina Enriquez,
Co-Head Servant, Faithful@5

Narinig nyo yan ha, hindi na dine-discern ang service,” I remember Ella emphasizing the point made by one of the speakers, Lou Dabao-Sitaca, at the NLTC 2004 in Iloilo. Back then, I was very much reluctant to serve and tried to shy away from any service that would take me beyond my comfort zone.

It has been 7 months since the NLTC and since then, I have been involved in various services, by no planning of my own. This present service, that of co-head servant for the anniversary month, is the biggest I have taken up so far. It was back in April, during an AGL’s meeting that I first learned about this assignment. My initial reaction when Mirac, and then later, Paul, told me about it was to accept it unquestioningly. But at the back of my mind, thoughts were swirling as to what this service would entail.

In our first meeting, Paul reassured me that our task would not be that difficult, since we will be forming teams to take charge of the various anniversary activities. At my place of work, it has become a running joke among my colleagues and I that when we hear the words “Madali lang ‘yan,” the opposite usually happens. Looking back, I think that when I heard those words from Paul, I did have doubts that what we would be doing will be easy.

As the anniversary preparations went under way, I did find that the service was not easy. Old habits, like the tendency to worry and be anxious, and feelings of confusion and frustration added to the difficulty. Numerous schedule changes, unforeseen circumstances, and some unmet expectations were some of the things that unsettled me.

However, one thing that was and remains to be constant is God’s faithfulness throughout this service. As I became partial to dwelling on my negative emotions, God reminded me that He is my number one helper and companion in all this; therefore, I have nothing to be anxious about.

God also reminded me, amidst my worrying, that I have a lot to be thankful for. And indeed, I do. I am thankful for the attendance of the anniversary team members during our meetings. I am thankful for the selfless way the brothers and sisters have shared their time, energy, and resources to bring to fruition the plans for the various anniversary activities. I am thankful for my service partner, Paul, who has been a very devoted servant. I am thankful for the words of encouragement, support, and thanks from the brothers and sisters for this service. I am also thankful for the lessons I learned as I performed this service….lessons on faith, patience, dealing with difficulty, and many more. Mostly, I am thankful for the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with the brothers and sisters, which resulted from the countless hours spent on meeting, planning, texting, and emailing.

Now that most of the preparations have been finished, I can say that the difficulties I experienced have been worth it. While I now realize that there is no such thing as an easy service, I have come to know for myself that by being a servant, one gains so much more than what one gives.

As we begin our anniversary month, I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming events, knowing how hard each team has worked to make each event special. I am especially looking forward to sharing our efforts with the rest of the QC brothers and sisters and our guests. For sure, the whole of June will truly be a time of rejoicing as we celebrate 5 years of God’s faithfulness to Lingkod QC.