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Greetings from the National Director

posted @ 6/27/2005 06:34:00 PM - 0 comments - share your thoughts

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Lingkod QC,

I'd like to congratulate all of you for your faithfulness to our life in Lingkod and esp. to our Lord Jesus.

One of the most challenging things in our service is not to start something but to sustain something. Thank you for being selfless, hospitable and radical so we could sustain the mission the Lord has given us.

As I serve as your new National Director, I would like to draw my strength from Jesus and from you, my brothers and sisters.

To Christ, all our lives for the rest of our lives.

Mon Samson
National Director

The C word on C night

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Tonight, Lingkod QC winds up a month of recalling, remaining and rejoicing with COMMITMENT NIGHT.

Once again, we recall why we are Lingkod and what we are about as Lingkod in the words we prayed once in our lives as Christians (and which our new brothers and sisters will pray tonight):

"In grateful response to the exceeding goodness of God and to the call He has given me in the Lord Jesus Christ, I will live as an active member of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon, committing myself to:

1. Live fully for Jesus Christ as His disciple.
2. Live in committed relationships with others.
3. Live a life of dedicated Christian service.
4. Work towards the transformation of my work place and of society.

May our Lord give me the grace to be faithful in living out this commitment everyday for the good of my brothers and sisters in Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon and for God's greater glory and honor. Amen."

Discipleship. Community. Service. Evangelization. All for God's greater glory.

University Hotel, Room 105-106; 7 pm. Dress on the better side. Worship starts at 730; fellowship follows after the Commitment Night at Tequila Joe's Morato.

Great Night!

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Taken from Ella's blog entry of June 18, 2005 (some parentheticals added)

I'm supposed to drive to Tagaytay in four hours' time. Between now and later I should pack and get some sleep. But how could one sleep after such a great night? Ted and Gay's installation was beautiful, inspiring and touching. They are both well-loved, -respected and -admired in community so it is no surprise that almost all of the Servants of the Word, Jerusalem House sisters, Lingkod Office staff, were there, aside from brothers and sisters from different branches. QT's also had so much to honor them both with, through videos, photos, songs, and words. Gay's flowers and scrapbook was matched by Ted's teddy bear and portrait as "king arthur". I thought I would cry when Rommel sang The Warrior is a Child, unfortunately, I was in front and forced to sing in part! I am restraining myself from being a perfectionist about how the song went again. So what if we did not practice and the key was too low for a sister? We sang for Ted.

God answered Ted's request for a surprise. He answered my need for an embrace from Him. I received His embrace from so many brothers and sisters who are Jesus to me. In particular, John Keating, the Presiding Elder of the Servants, reminds us of Jesus and I was so blessed to have been sitting beside him during the program. Mylene Romero's tight hug and affirmation also filled my heart to overflowing. The faces of the QT's as they said their thank you's and goodbye's will forever be etched in my memory. As a bonus, i was able to sit beside National Director Mon (Samson) and Dr. Jake Yap (also from the Servants of the Word) during fellowship at Don Hen. I polished my job application speech for Mon, who was so gracious although he was sleepy. Jake offered his wisdom in my discernment (which does not seem to end) and agreed to meet with me for consultation later on. What a night! The BWMs, regional leaders, national leaders of Lingkod, and even CYA and Ligaya were there.

How does one sleep after such a night as this? I know that Gay and Ted's term would be blessed for it started with this abundant, lavish, spectacular, phenomenal night. There were no long talks given. It was just the presence of all those special people that made the night unforgettable for all of us at Lingkod QC.


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17 June 2005

Dear Rommel, Ella, Ted and Gay,

Tonight, Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Quezon City will be turned over to new management. And true enough, “management” is the proper term to use. For while the reins of leadership are transferred from Rommel and Ella to Ted and Gay, God remains to be the owner of Lingkod-QC. Our confidence, therefore, should be anchored on this truth.

My wife and I would have loved to be there tonight. Unfortunately, we are also hooked up with another service in Ligaya ng Panginoon. That is why I chose to write. I want to ask Ted to post this to the ALNP-QC e-group or read it tonight at the prayer meeting, whatever would be best. I just want the rest of the community to know how grateful I am to God for his faithfulness to you, and through you, in the context of Lingkod-QC.

To Rommel: Bro, I thank you for embracing your anointing as the second BL (or SGBL) of Lingkod-QC. While it was a slow and hesitant embrace at first, it was still a sacrificial embrace nonetheless. Thank you for loving our brothers and sisters and for really using all your gifts to bring Lingkod-QC to where it is now. You are a gifted man. But your character shines brighter than your gifts. And the kind of respect, endearment and love that you receive today from brothers and sisters in Lingkod-QC is a testament of the kind of servant that you were over the last three and a half years. To my friend and brother, I honor you and I want to pray for God to bless you as you move on (or forward) in your Christian life.

To Ella: Sis, there could not have been a more perfect BWM for that chapter in Lingkod-QC’s history. Your passion and zeal cascaded to the whole branch. Your love for God was infectious and your love for brothers and sisters was comforting. I know you struggled a lot. But you kept on. And that made all the difference. I believe that Lingkod-QC was just a training ground for you as God prepared you for greater things ahead. Thank you for continuing to be radical for God. We have a shortage of that these days in the church. Spread your wings, Sis. God has prepared you to soar to greater heights in your relationship with Him in the coming years!

To Gay: When God closes a door, God opens many windows. And what a beautiful window God has opened in the person of Gay. Sis, thank you for rising to the occasion. I know that you would have been contented not being in the limelight, to just be a follower, and to simply be a sturdy support for a leader. But God has other plans. And your love for Him far outweighed your preferences. Gay, your greatest weapon is your simplicity and deep prayer life. Hold on to these. It will carry you through many storms and it will make your light shine even more when the storms subside. God bless you, Sis!

Finally, to Ted: Bro, many say that your greatest trait is your humility. I beg to disagree. I believe that you are capable of humbling yourself often because of your overflowing confidence in the kind of God that you serve. Your image of your God will carry you in this service that he has called you to. Remember. Remain. Rejoice. Remember the kind of God that you serve. Steadfast. Faithful. Merciful. Remain always in his overwhelming love. When your preachings aren’t heeded, and when your prayers aren’t heard, choose to remain in His love. Never abandon. Stay. Lastly, rejoice always. For God loves a cheerful giver. Nothing should rob you of your joy as a son of God. For even if your being a BL will sometimes be diminished by your many human weaknesses, your being God’s son remains untarnished. BL second, God’s son first.

As I end this letter, I want to share with you a word I received from the Lord during my prayer time today. God said to me, “You bring me great joy, not so much for what you do, but for simply who you are. But you can also bring me much sorrow, but only for what you do, and never for who are”.

My dear brothers and sisters, serve God with all your heart. But always remember that who you are in God’s eyes is never defined by what you do for Him, but only by how much He loves you. And He loves you greatly, far greater than you can ever imagine.

My wife and daughter extend their love to all of you. Happy, happy 5th year anniversary, brothers and sisters! Cheers to many more years of looking back at God’s faithfulness!

Your servant and brother,

Bobby Quitain

Next Attraction: Installation

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Ted Te

Gay Ordenes
After the comedy that ensued from the E-night, time now to turn to a more serious but nonetheless joyful occasion, the installation of our new Branch Leader, Ted Te, and Branch Women’s Moderator, Gay Ordenes. This will be on June 17, Friday, 7:30 p.m., at the Atrium, 8th Floor, Medical Arts Building, Philippine Heart Center. Worship will precede the installation rites and program.

We would like to encourage all the brothers and sisters to attend in order to show our love and support for our new leaders. Everyone is asked to “dress on the better side”.

Fellowship follows at Don Henrico’s, Tomas Morato.

Tara Na! QC Tayo

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(sing to the tune of Byahe Tayo by the Dept of Tourism)

Ikaw ba’y nalulungkot
Naiinip nababagot?
Ikaw ba’y napapagod,
araw gabi puro kayod?

Buhay mo ba’y walang saysay
Walang sigla, walang kulay
Bawat araw ba’y pareho
Parang walang pagbabago

Tara na, rejoice tayo
Sa QC ay magkita
Sa anniv magpunta tayo
At makisaya ng todo

Halika punta tayo
Nang ating makita
Ang ganda ng mga sisters
Ang galing ng mga brothers

Nag fellowship ka na ba
Sa lagoon at sa la mesa
Katipunan, Sunken Garden
Timog, Eastwood at sa SM

Nag-121 ka na ba
Sa chocolate kiss o sa wheatberry’s
Nag-sister’s night, commitment night
Season’s of love, Anniv, E-night

Tara na PM tayo
Dun sa cradle, o UP hotel
Nang makilala nang husto
Ang ating kapwa kristiyano

Halika AG tayo
Nang ating makita
Ang ganda ng mga sisters
Ang galing ng mga brothers

Go forth with great courage
Boldly we conquer as god’s anointed
Abiding in Christ we herald his light
In god’s kingdom we share in his spirit we dwell
Joyfully we proclaim God’s glory

Nasubukan mo na bang
Mag way of life sa Lazo Farm
Mag NLTC Cagayan
Mag Mc do Katipunan

Natikman mo na ba
Ang shawarma ni Ria
Sugpo kila Paul, Adobo ni Mercy
World Topps Ababu, Isaw sa UP

Tara na, baloga tayo
Mag He cares pag sabado
Musicmin tuwing hwebes
Prayer meeting tuwing biyernes

Halika, punta tayo
Nang ating makita
Ang ganda ng mga sisters
Ang galing ng mga brothers

Nakisayaw ka na ba
Sa branch dance at naki-UG
Crossroads at CLP
Integration, Christmas party

Naki-meeting ka na ba
Sa Jollibee Philcoa
Day of Prayer sa Antipolo
Videoke sa Morato

Tara na punta tayo
Upang ating matamo
Ligaya at pagkakaibigan
Kaunlaran kapayapaan

Halika QC tayo
Nang ating makita
Ang ganda ng Quezon City
Ang saya ng mga QTS

(Repeat last two par.)

Halika, Rejoice tayo... (sing 'til fade)

Faithful At Five (The Anniversary Theme Song)

posted @ 6/11/2005 12:28:00 PM - 1 comments - share your thoughts

Sung to the music of Voltes 5

Tatoe arashi ga futoutomo
Tatoe oo nami arerutomo
Kogida sou tatakai no umi he
Tobikomou tatakaino uzu he

Mitsume au hitomi to hitomi
Yukumori o shinji au
Go nin hundo nakama

Borutesu faifu ni
Subete o kakete
Yaruzo chikararano tsukirumade
Chikyuu no, yo-ake ha
Mo-u chi-ka-i

Toto nga / na payb years na kame
Toto din / patiguls na kame
Wala kaso kasi puro cute naman kame
Kaya nga binansagan kame Lingkod Cuties

Mismong ninuno naming na si Bobby
Hanggang kai Rommel, SGBL
Dalawang pinagmamalaking saksi

Faithful at five ang Cuties
Rejoice pa din / hanggang sa hule
Yari ka / kung chichirain mo,
Tsuge ka / kai San Pedro
Kumapit ka, may pang-anim pa
Happy Anniversary !!!

"Kumapit Ka at May Pang-Anim Pa"

posted @ 6/11/2005 08:10:00 AM - 2 comments - share your thoughts

By: Ted

When I got to the MAB Hall, I thought to myself, "this is such a big place. Kaya ba natin punuin ito?" It turns out I didn't need to worry. At the end of the night, the place seemed much, much smaller than when we started out.

Last night's E-Night turned out to be the one of the most enjoyable in recent memory simply because all the numbers were fun, funny and unforgettable; it was clear that the brothers and sisters planned well, practiced hard and performed their hearts out.

I knew the night was going to be special when Ria and Marlon took the stage--which was decked with a very hip tarpaulin backdrop designed by Maye--and, in a preview of what was to unfold, Marlon started unloading the one-liners that totally left everyone in stitches. Not to be topped, Ria unfolded an anniversary theme song that no one knew we had--a modified version of the theme from Voltes 5 which everyone sang along to with great gusto.

But the surprises did not stop there, nor did the fun.

The very first number by Gay's unit left everyone in awe--a very professionally done music video of her unit's sisters singing and improving on the Department of Tourism's "Tara na, biyahe tayo" with lyrics that could only have come from QC's famed librettist, Gay herself. Taking us all on a musical ride to all the places that QTs have been to and all the experiences that are distinctly QC, the first number totally pumped up the crowd. It was so much fun to see sisters like the normally reserved and proper Arlene (except during NLTC; right, Doc A?) singing with great gusto to the song, complete with make up and facial tics and birit expressions; the old reliables, Nenen and Imee S., charged up the number and the new sisters, KJ and Grace, showed their QT potential at this early stage. It was difficult to imagine just how the unit came up with that video using only a digicam and its 15-second video recorder and the technical know-how of two talented sisters, Janice and Imee S; finding this out after the performance only made me feel more awed at the presentation. Technical glitches aside with the sound, the message came through loud and clear--QC is a great place to be.

Mirac's unit came up with a number that only they could come up--and get away--with. Using a sung-through storyline cobbled from prominent commercials and a hodge-podge of pop culture characters (e.g., Narda, Ding, Tolits and a surprise appearance by Ricky Reyes) set to music and the singing of Mirac and Ria, the number left everyone hooting, laughing and crying (out of laughter). The sisters in her unit really gave their all--Cecil, Joyce, Maye, Rhea, Tina and the lead of the presentation Bambi as Narda. But the revelation for the night was Vine, who looks just as good as a man in her impersonation of Tolits. Still Star of the Night goes to Tina as Ricky Reyes (a sight that has to be seen to be believed)!

The brothers came up with a number that I described to Ria as "something old, something new, something borrowed and nothing blue." We decided to pay tribute to previous brothers' E-night numbers starting from the comedy skit on the "Good Samaritan" aka "Pataaay" (previously done by Bobby's fraternal AG in "Lingkod QC Xposed" in 2001) but with a different take and, of course, new brothers. Vlad shone as the good-looking, porma, sosi "victim" and Doc Jun brought the house down with his "Romy-Vic-Paquito Diaz School of Method Acting"; Alan provided live guitar music which varied along with the stringent demands of the "director" none other than Marlon, who brought the MAB down with his absolutely hilarious side comments (which he sustained all through the night). From the skit, the brothers segued into a song that the 2002 brothers first did in MQT 24/7 "Ibang-ibang pagdarasal" but with modified lyrics by Paul.

The last unit presentation of the E-night from Mercy's unit encountered technical glitches again but when they did come on stage, we knew it was worth the wait. Paying musical tribute to a woman named "Laura" through combination of a video wall and live dancing by Mhel Santiago, Darleth, Leah, Cherry and Jas, the love and affection of the sisters for the woman "Laura" shone through; when it became clear to everyone (especially the newer sisters) that the "Laura" was Ella, the tribute was complete. The short montage took us through Ella's early dilemma between playing the piano and taking up law, her later discernment between continuing as a lawyer and being a missionary and her struggles during SOL (complete with video footage of an unnamed bride, whom we would later learn was named "Ella") and showed--in a moving and a very funny way, as well--just how God has worked in the life of the sister whom we call Ella and not Laura.

To cap the night, Ria and Marlon called Rommel and Ella onstage to be honored but surprised Ella (Rommel had been prepped beforehand) by asking that she sing one of her signature duets "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge but with a new partner, Rommel, this time. Despite absolutely no practice as a duet and Ella's misgivings about this, they sounded fantastic together. Gay and I were then called to honor Ella and Rommel, respectively.

After the honoring, the Music Ministry came up the stage to serenade Rommel and Ella with Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" set to four voices (c/o Nick, Karreen, Mercy, and Manny). We sang it a capella but it didn't matter because we all sang from the heart and were singing it to honor our two leaders. Ella later told us that it sounded great and from her, because she is a perfectionist and because it is one of her favorite songs, that counts for a lot, indeed.

After praying over Rommel and Ella, we ended the E-Night by singing the theme song for the Anniversary, the revamped Voltes 5 theme. The fun, the fellowship, the laughter, the kulitan, however, continued beyond that as some of the brothers and sisters took a coffee break at Mocha Blends to unwind before going home in the early morning of Saturday.

Definitely, one of the most fun-filled E-Nights for me because the brothers and sisters were just very comfortable with each other and really wanted to give their all to glorify the Lord, who is the source of all this grace, and to give all of us a fun-filled night of celebration and rejoicing.

Kudos is definitely due Jhing, Ria and Marlon and their AGs for organizing and pulling-off this year's E-Night--which goes into the books but will not soon be forgotten. As the title of this post goes, kumapit ka at may pang-anim pa. Promise!


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Honoring for Rommel, June 10, 2005 (5th Anniversary E-Night)
MAB Hall, Ground Floor, Heart Center, QC

By: Ted

“You are the salt of the earth; . . .you are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:13, 14; RSV)

To be called “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” in the days of Jesus was to be greatly honored. So we honor a man who has, in the past three years, been salt and light to Lingkod QC. Tonight, we honor our Branch Leader, Rommel Escoto.

There are three distinct qualities to salt. It cleanses. It preserves. It flavors.

In all these ways, Rommel was salt to us during his three years as branch leader.

Rommel was salt to us because he cleansed and he preserved us. In the days of Jesus, salt was used to cleanse food as well as preserve them. With his astute insights, his brotherly but firm correction and feedback, his inspired teachings, Rommel, in his own distinct way, cleansed us and allowed us to become better Christians. In the same way, he allowed us to preserve our relationship with God. Through his leadership and through his brotherly care, he allowed those of us--at least those who would allow him--the opportunity to grow and mature as Christian men and women, as leaders, and as servants. Rommel was never preachy but he was always a good teacher, not only by the words he spoke but by the life he leads. By example and by inspiration, Rommel gave us a clear picture of a Christian man, a Christian leader and a true Servant of God.

Rommel was our salt also because he gave flavor to the branch. He established an identity for himself totally distinct and separate from his predecessor and he established an identity for the branch. During his watch, Lingkod QC bloomed and grew; under his leadership and his care, Lingkod QC not only took on a specific identity as a branch of Lingkod but managed to acquit itself well as a vital part of the larger community that is Lingkod. A large part of the flavor that is distinctly QC’s is because Rommel has, in turn, flavored QC in his own distinct way.

Rommel was also light to us in many different ways and on many different occasions. Those who have had the pleasure of serving with him in various Service Councils (SECO), Governance Teams (Govteam) and now the Branch Council will attest to his wisdom and to his maturity in the faith. On many difficult and challenging situations, when passions ran high and emotions overflowed, Rommel’s would be the voice of sobriety, of compassion, of wisdom, of restraint (when needed), and of aggressiveness (when warranted). In ways that no brother or sister could argue with during his three years as branch leader, Rommel has illumined the many dark recesses of our faith with his wisdom, his maturity, his care for the brothers and sisters, his leadership and his service. “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16; RSV) By allowing Jesus’s light to shine in his own life, Rommel glorified our Father in heaven and allowed us to see what joy it was to serve our God and to glorify His name.

Rommel, as you step down after three years of serving us as Branch Leader, allow us to honor you and thank you for being our salt and our light. Thank you for serving us humbly, lovingly and very well indeed. Thank you for being an inspiring example of a Christian life well led. Thank you for allowing the Lord to lead you so that you could lead us. Thank you for responding to the Lord’s grace with humility, boldness, courage and selfless love. Thank you for truly going beyond your own personal comfort zones, for conquering the many giants that you encountered along the way.

We know that we were never easy to love; nor were we easy to serve. But you continued to do so–with great love. And for that, we thank you. It is no joke to have men and women of various colors and stripes look to you for a moral compass and it is to your great credit that you allowed the Lord’s light to shine in your own life so that our way could be lit in many different ways and on many different occasions.

On a very personal note, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve with you and to learn how it is to be a Christian man by the example of your life. I have honored you in the past by calling you a great man; and so I honor you in the same way tonight. I have honored you in the past by saying that you are a man I would gladly follow; and so I honor you in the same way tonight. I thank you for honoring me (and Gay) with your trust--by entrusting the branch to us. I pray that you will continue to be “salt and light” to many generations of men and women whom the Lord will call. I pray as well that you will never lose your flavor and that your light will continue to shine brightly in the years ahead.

Thank you bro and God bless you in the days ahead.


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Lingkod QC-Xposed!

MQT 24/7!!!

Only God Can Make a Three!

Stepping 4-ward

. . . if you recognize these four catchy lines, then you've been in Lingkod for at least four years. Those were the themes for the various Anniversary E-Nights over the past four years.

On June 10, 2005, Lingkod QC continues a tradition, bravely started at the Claret School Auditorium, of Anniversary E-Nights. This year, we proclaim we are Faithful@5 and it is a time to rejoice!

E-Night 2005 starts at 7:30 in the evening with worship; dinner will be served for a minimal fee of One Hundred Pesos. Venue is at the MAB Hall, Ground Floor of the Philippine Heart Center, East Avenue, Quezon City. Family, friends, officemates and the general public are welcome.

QTs Kick Off 5th Year Festivities with Mass

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Fr. Steve Tynan
In grateful remembrance of five years of God's faithfulness that has, in turn, allowed Lingkod QC five years of fruifulness, Lingkod QC kicked-off a month-long anniversary celebration with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist on June 3, 2005, also the Feast of the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. One of Lingkod QC's regulars, Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL presided over the mass.

After the mass, Lingkod QC's first Branch Leader, Bobby Quitain gave an exhortation and teaching on what it means and what it takes to be faithful. Bobby exhorted the branch to "Recall, Remain and Rejoice" in order to be faithful. Recall the time when we were first called and the life we led before that call; in so recalling, choose to Remain in this life which we now live and, for that reason, Rejoice because God chose to love us and to call us to Him. Bobby pointed out that being faithful becomes most difficult when "God disappoints us" but reminded the branch that God desires nothing but to bring us to our home with Him--in heaven. And all the adversity we may face along the way is simply a preparation for that plan; thus, the exhortation for us is to remain faithful to the Lord because the Lord remains faithful to us, His people.

The QTs celebrated after the mass with a "surprise party" for Mercy at Ria's house; it turned out to be a double birthday party--for Mercy and for KJ--and a belated one--for Luke. The hours flew by because of Ria's "Magic Sing" and before the QTs realized it, the time was 2:30 in the morning of June 4. To cap the fellowship, the QTs prayed over the birthday celebrants who were still there and awake--Mercy and KJ (Luke had left earlier); after that, the QTs reluctantly--but not after singing for one final time the discovery of the night, "Voltes Fayb"--departed into the cool morning air.

Greetings from the GMMACQ Regional Women's Moderator

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Riza Fortuna
My dear brothers and sisters in Lingkod QC,

It brings me great joy to see you celebrating your 5th anniversary since you started Lingkod QC. Truly, God has been faithful to you these past 5 years. Also, you have done your part, you too have been faithful and God has blessed that faithfulness thus allowing you to grow and raise more servants from your branch.

As a part of a mission team myself, your anniversary is a source of great inspiration to me. Your celebration tells me to keep believing, to keep running, and to continue to obey. Though seeing the fruits of one's service should not be the goal of serving (for all we need to do is to love God by obeying Him even when we don't fully understand His purpose and see the result of our obedience), seeing the fruits of the core group of men and women who responded to God's call to form Lingkod QC amazes me so much and brings me to praise our Lord who has given us the great privilege to participate in the building of His kingdom.

I honor you brothers and sisters for responding to God's call - from the establishment of Lingkod QC to the day-to-day call to serve. Every "yes" to big and seemingly small calls from God has been part of that mutual faithfulness between God and Lingkod QC. Each one of you who responds to be part of Lingkod QC, and more so to be a servant in whatever way in your branch has reflected God's faithfulness.

May you continue to be faithful to however God calls you, individually, and as a branch! May God continue to bless you and enlarge your territory!


With my prayers,

Riza Fortuna
Lingkod Cavite

Lingkod QC is 5 Years Old!

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Theodore Te
By: Theodore Te,
Official Branch Leader Understudy

Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Quezon City (Lingkod QC) celebrates its fifth year this June 2005. A month-long celebration is lined up to commemorate five years of God’s love and faithfulness to the brothers and sisters of Lingkod QC.

In grateful recognition and in equally grateful response to God’s faithfulness, the theme for this year’s anniversary is Faithful@5. It speaks of God’s faithfulness to the branch all these years as well as our grateful response to His faithfulness.

The Anniversary Month celebration starts with the celebration of First Friday Mass on June 3, 2005 at 7:30 in the evening the University of the Philippines Hotel (formerly known as the PCED Hostel). One of Lingkod QC’s regular priest-presiders, Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL will preside over the mass. After the mass, an exhortation will be given by Lingkod QC’s first Branch Leader (BL) Bobby Quitain.

The second week will see the QTs showcasing their talents at performing in the annual E-Night on June 10, 2005 starting at 7:30 in the evening. A short time of praise and worship will kick off the E-Night. Family, friends, officemates and other guests are welcome to attend.

On the third week, the branch’s new leaders will be installed in a simple ceremony on June 17, 2005 at 7:30 in the evening at the 8th Floor of the Philippine Heart Center. The current BL Rommel Escoto and the current Branch Women’s Moderator (BWM) Ella Del Rosario will step down in favor of Ted Te and Gay Ordenes, both of whom have responded to the call to step up in service.

Commitment Night will cap the Anniversary Month on June 24, 2005 at the UP Hotel. The new brothers and sisters who have just recently completed the Christian Life Program (CLP) and have committed their lives to the Lord will commit themselves to the Way of Life of Lingkod and particularly to Lingkod QC. Committed members will lend their support to the commitment to be made by our new brothers and sisters, pray for grace that will sustain them in this commitment and, at the same time, re-commit to the Way of Life that we have previously committed ourselves to.

There is reason to be excited, there is reason to rejoice. The Lord, who called us in 2000 to be His light in this part of Metro Manila, has remained faithful to us after five years. Let us, in turn, reflect on our own faithfulness to Him for the past five years and commit ourselves to remain faithful to Him not only for five more years but for many more years thereafter.

The Lord has been faithful@5, so with great joy, we proclaim His glory!

- By the Anniversary Team


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By: Bobby Quitain

When Michael Jordan was asked which was his favorite among all his dunks, he answered with a big grin on his face and said, “The first.”

Truly, nothing beats the first time. And Lingkod ng Panginoon-Quezon City’s (ALNP-QC) first year was no different.

In year 2000, ALNP-QC did all its “firsts” not with the fireworks and the showbiz glitz that ALNP-QC is now famous for. During those times, ALNP-QC boasted of only a handful members, composed mostly of the now-disbanded “Friends and Lovers in Prayer-Friends and Lovers of Prayer”, more commonly known as “Flip-Flop”. We were few then, but we sure had a great time.

Who could forget our first Christian Life Program? I would want to. Please don’t get me wrong. It was fun serving with brothers and sisters and it was a joy to see those who turned to the Lord because of that CLP. However, I would be lying if I say that it was one of my best organized CLP’s. For instance, we witnessed a “That’s Entertainment” type of attendance throughout the entire CLP. We had a “first Monday” group, a “second Monday” group etc., until we realized that not one of the participants ever completed all the CLP sessions. We literally had new faces every session.

"Ako lang ang kunan mo!"
I can also remember that famous ride to our first Unity Games in Los Banos, Laguna. The entire ALNP-QC was accommodated inside Jun M. (Mangalindan)’s L-300. Yes, we all fitted in there and with a lot of space to spare. We left QC at around 7:30 AM and arrived in Los Banos by 12:00NN, three hours late of the scheduled start of the Unity Games. We endured four hours of heavy traffic in South Super Highway and another thirty minutes devoted to changing a flat tire. We went home that day exhausted. Not to mention Jun M. hobbling due to a back injury.

Then we had our first way of life weekend. No, we didn’t do it in Lazo Farm, Fontana or in any of those exciting out-of-town venues where we’ve been holding our Way of Life Weekends in recent years. Instead, we held our first Way of Life Weekend in a dull and boring retreat house in the middle of Quezon City (I decided to wear my swimming trunks and spend extra long hours in the showers just to simulate the feeling of an outing). All founding members of ALNP-QC together with the first batch of CLP graduates, with some absences, participated in the event for a total of eight (8) people . In fact, Jopeng almost gave a one-to-one talk with Rocky for the first session.

Then came our first year Anniversary where we witnessed the blossoming of the talents of ALNP-QC. Despite our limited resources then, ALNP-QC managed to pull off our first talents night where Pom and Jun M. took home the best comedy performance of actors in a Drama in the fraternal skit entitled “Pataaay!”. In the Commitment Night, we saw the first batch of ALNP-QC members, which included the founding members, commit themselves to living out their Christian lives in the context of ALNP-QC.

Then the first Action Groups were put in place. God blessed me with a great bunch of guys as members. There was Paul, Amats, Doc Cris, Jun Davantes and Bobby Atayde. This group eventually became the now-famous Action Gwapo instituted by their next AGL Rommel Escoto.

Rocky with a serious look
"Kala nyo ganon lang kadali
magtayo ng branch... hmph!"
Finally came our first NLTC in Antipolo which was attended by Chris Rayala, Liz Bacus and Ella. Just like in all NLTC’s during my term as BL, the ALNP delegation was not headed by the BL (me). The same was true in 2001 in Cebu; my deep gratitude to Tere, who was then the BWM and who provided stability to the delegation, and Rommel and Rocky (who both willingly took on the role of delegation heads).

Indeed, ALNP-QC’s first year was replete with stories of 3 F’s--Frustrations, Fears, and Fun. But when all the frustration, fears and fun are placed in the proper perspective, we will realize that another “F” will surface--Favor. In all those trying moments of our first year, there was one thing that accompanied us from one activity to another --- God’s favor. Consistent, timely and overflowing.

That is why when we who were there from the start would be asked what would be the best year of ALNP-QC, our answer, with a short prayer of thanksgiving, would really be, “The first. It had to be the first.”Because for us, it really was.

Happy 5th Year Anniversary, brothers and sisters.