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Greetings from the GMMACQ Regional Women's Moderator

posted @ 6/06/2005 09:49:00 AM - 0 comments - share your thoughts

Riza Fortuna
My dear brothers and sisters in Lingkod QC,

It brings me great joy to see you celebrating your 5th anniversary since you started Lingkod QC. Truly, God has been faithful to you these past 5 years. Also, you have done your part, you too have been faithful and God has blessed that faithfulness thus allowing you to grow and raise more servants from your branch.

As a part of a mission team myself, your anniversary is a source of great inspiration to me. Your celebration tells me to keep believing, to keep running, and to continue to obey. Though seeing the fruits of one's service should not be the goal of serving (for all we need to do is to love God by obeying Him even when we don't fully understand His purpose and see the result of our obedience), seeing the fruits of the core group of men and women who responded to God's call to form Lingkod QC amazes me so much and brings me to praise our Lord who has given us the great privilege to participate in the building of His kingdom.

I honor you brothers and sisters for responding to God's call - from the establishment of Lingkod QC to the day-to-day call to serve. Every "yes" to big and seemingly small calls from God has been part of that mutual faithfulness between God and Lingkod QC. Each one of you who responds to be part of Lingkod QC, and more so to be a servant in whatever way in your branch has reflected God's faithfulness.

May you continue to be faithful to however God calls you, individually, and as a branch! May God continue to bless you and enlarge your territory!


With my prayers,

Riza Fortuna
Lingkod Cavite