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"Kumapit Ka at May Pang-Anim Pa"

posted @ 6/11/2005 08:10:00 AM - 2 comments - share your thoughts

By: Ted

When I got to the MAB Hall, I thought to myself, "this is such a big place. Kaya ba natin punuin ito?" It turns out I didn't need to worry. At the end of the night, the place seemed much, much smaller than when we started out.

Last night's E-Night turned out to be the one of the most enjoyable in recent memory simply because all the numbers were fun, funny and unforgettable; it was clear that the brothers and sisters planned well, practiced hard and performed their hearts out.

I knew the night was going to be special when Ria and Marlon took the stage--which was decked with a very hip tarpaulin backdrop designed by Maye--and, in a preview of what was to unfold, Marlon started unloading the one-liners that totally left everyone in stitches. Not to be topped, Ria unfolded an anniversary theme song that no one knew we had--a modified version of the theme from Voltes 5 which everyone sang along to with great gusto.

But the surprises did not stop there, nor did the fun.

The very first number by Gay's unit left everyone in awe--a very professionally done music video of her unit's sisters singing and improving on the Department of Tourism's "Tara na, biyahe tayo" with lyrics that could only have come from QC's famed librettist, Gay herself. Taking us all on a musical ride to all the places that QTs have been to and all the experiences that are distinctly QC, the first number totally pumped up the crowd. It was so much fun to see sisters like the normally reserved and proper Arlene (except during NLTC; right, Doc A?) singing with great gusto to the song, complete with make up and facial tics and birit expressions; the old reliables, Nenen and Imee S., charged up the number and the new sisters, KJ and Grace, showed their QT potential at this early stage. It was difficult to imagine just how the unit came up with that video using only a digicam and its 15-second video recorder and the technical know-how of two talented sisters, Janice and Imee S; finding this out after the performance only made me feel more awed at the presentation. Technical glitches aside with the sound, the message came through loud and clear--QC is a great place to be.

Mirac's unit came up with a number that only they could come up--and get away--with. Using a sung-through storyline cobbled from prominent commercials and a hodge-podge of pop culture characters (e.g., Narda, Ding, Tolits and a surprise appearance by Ricky Reyes) set to music and the singing of Mirac and Ria, the number left everyone hooting, laughing and crying (out of laughter). The sisters in her unit really gave their all--Cecil, Joyce, Maye, Rhea, Tina and the lead of the presentation Bambi as Narda. But the revelation for the night was Vine, who looks just as good as a man in her impersonation of Tolits. Still Star of the Night goes to Tina as Ricky Reyes (a sight that has to be seen to be believed)!

The brothers came up with a number that I described to Ria as "something old, something new, something borrowed and nothing blue." We decided to pay tribute to previous brothers' E-night numbers starting from the comedy skit on the "Good Samaritan" aka "Pataaay" (previously done by Bobby's fraternal AG in "Lingkod QC Xposed" in 2001) but with a different take and, of course, new brothers. Vlad shone as the good-looking, porma, sosi "victim" and Doc Jun brought the house down with his "Romy-Vic-Paquito Diaz School of Method Acting"; Alan provided live guitar music which varied along with the stringent demands of the "director" none other than Marlon, who brought the MAB down with his absolutely hilarious side comments (which he sustained all through the night). From the skit, the brothers segued into a song that the 2002 brothers first did in MQT 24/7 "Ibang-ibang pagdarasal" but with modified lyrics by Paul.

The last unit presentation of the E-night from Mercy's unit encountered technical glitches again but when they did come on stage, we knew it was worth the wait. Paying musical tribute to a woman named "Laura" through combination of a video wall and live dancing by Mhel Santiago, Darleth, Leah, Cherry and Jas, the love and affection of the sisters for the woman "Laura" shone through; when it became clear to everyone (especially the newer sisters) that the "Laura" was Ella, the tribute was complete. The short montage took us through Ella's early dilemma between playing the piano and taking up law, her later discernment between continuing as a lawyer and being a missionary and her struggles during SOL (complete with video footage of an unnamed bride, whom we would later learn was named "Ella") and showed--in a moving and a very funny way, as well--just how God has worked in the life of the sister whom we call Ella and not Laura.

To cap the night, Ria and Marlon called Rommel and Ella onstage to be honored but surprised Ella (Rommel had been prepped beforehand) by asking that she sing one of her signature duets "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge but with a new partner, Rommel, this time. Despite absolutely no practice as a duet and Ella's misgivings about this, they sounded fantastic together. Gay and I were then called to honor Ella and Rommel, respectively.

After the honoring, the Music Ministry came up the stage to serenade Rommel and Ella with Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" set to four voices (c/o Nick, Karreen, Mercy, and Manny). We sang it a capella but it didn't matter because we all sang from the heart and were singing it to honor our two leaders. Ella later told us that it sounded great and from her, because she is a perfectionist and because it is one of her favorite songs, that counts for a lot, indeed.

After praying over Rommel and Ella, we ended the E-Night by singing the theme song for the Anniversary, the revamped Voltes 5 theme. The fun, the fellowship, the laughter, the kulitan, however, continued beyond that as some of the brothers and sisters took a coffee break at Mocha Blends to unwind before going home in the early morning of Saturday.

Definitely, one of the most fun-filled E-Nights for me because the brothers and sisters were just very comfortable with each other and really wanted to give their all to glorify the Lord, who is the source of all this grace, and to give all of us a fun-filled night of celebration and rejoicing.

Kudos is definitely due Jhing, Ria and Marlon and their AGs for organizing and pulling-off this year's E-Night--which goes into the books but will not soon be forgotten. As the title of this post goes, kumapit ka at may pang-anim pa. Promise!